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‘Smart You’

"There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people - and the environment - suffer badly."
--- World Water Vision Report

Urban dwellers don’t pay much attention to their everyday water usage in the bathroom activities such as brushing, face wash, hand wash and shaving. ‘SMART YOU,’ a product comprised of a tap and activity dial, is a persuasive behavioral design to make the user aware of his water consumption for the various activities. The awareness may lead to positive behavior in the user causing less water wastage.

This low cost solution is designed for immediate adaptation with all kinds of bathroom fittings, without tedious installation requirements. The activity dial in ‘SMART YOU’ is a visual representation of different activities in the bathroom like brushing, face wash, hand wash and shaving. It is in the form of a sticker which is pasted across the tap as shown in the poster. Also the tap lever moves in steps having different water level corresponding to the different activities mapped onto the dial (Refer Poster).In usage, it subconsciously makes the user aware of the water usage by relating it to the nature of bathroom activity and thus, its optimal water requirement. The very awareness may persuade the user towards more responsible usage of water.

In our user study we have tried to understand the water usage of different bathroom activities and the pattern of its use in urban household including apartments and gated community. This data was then averaged out and mapped corresponding to the levels of water and finally presented visually in our activity dial with activities.

‘SMART YOU’ is a non-preachy design intervention meant to alter the user’s behavior subtly. It enables micro water savings across households on a daily basis, resulting in considerable water savings looking at the broader picture.


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    We are a team of enthusiasts studying in National Institute of Design and who hail from diverse cultures and native parts of India. We are passionate towards design and its powers to bring about positive social impact. We believe in bringing small changes in our daily lives which would empower our society to live a better life.
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