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Coir pith is the corky material found between the fibres in the husk of a coconut. The coconut husk goes to fibre mills where the coir fibre is extracted. The by-product of this process is coir pith. For many years coir pith was the waste product
of the extraction process and was dumped outside of coir fibre mills. Generating large environmental pollution issues of its own.

1.Coconut pith is an agro by-product proceed after extraction of coir fibre from coconut husk

2.Total amount of the coir pith 6970000 Tone Wastage.

3.Therefore on its own it causes an Environmental problem though it is not hazard.

4.The pith is a Lignocellulosic particle with size range of 0.1mm, with excellent elastic property.

5.Therefore an alternative way was thought to use it as a packaging material.

6. By doing so four-fold advantage is accomplished:

A) Alternative to synthetic materials

B) Waste to wealth

C) High strength Elastic & Shock absorbing packaging material with great stress absorbing property.

D) Recyclable for lifetime

E) Light Weight

7. My innovation is that cementing  binding this pith with natural compound (latex ) to produce inert Elastic, high weight , moldable , high stress bearing, high strength packaging material to absorb shocks & stresses even at high temperature of 60 – 70 ?c.

a) The raw material is natural waste.

b).The binding compound is natural latex.

c). The process involves no heat transfer or any chemical reaction process.

d). It involves only mixing process and wooden open mold.

e). Therefore no emission takes place directly.

f). being an alternative and competitor so synthetics use of synthetic will be minimized emission is reduced.

g). Savings is earned.

We are using Styrofoam, plastic bubble bags as packing materials for transportation of any material from one place to another.These Styrofoam and plastic bubble bags are used internationally as package material without knowing the hazardous nature. Styrofoam and plastic bubble bags are emitting CO2 during the production and during the disposal too. It is reported that 1kgm of plastic emits 6kgm of CO2 during the usage.


We tried to find an eco friendly, weightless and easily available material to replace plastic as packing materials. After repeated experiments we could as a packing materials. COIR PITH is available in abundance
as an agro industrial by product which is going waste. So, we could use COIR PITH as packing material which is eco friendly, no CO2 emission, easily available and less weight. It alsogives Cushion effect sponge to the product packed. It helps to maintain the coir waste management by huge production.

The production process involves impregration of latex to pith particles and then subjecting to get the desired form, there is no gas or chemical or effluent released to the environment any unformed material can be Re used.
Therefore :- ZERO WASTE
100% Eco Friendly No hazard to workers or environment or end use


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