Dynamo High-Tech Highways

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Dynamo High-Tech Highways:

The main aim of this "Dynamo High-tech highways" is to generate the power through high speed air flow striking the turbine of the generator placed on the dividers of the highways, where the high speed air flow is caused by fast moving vehicles passing through.

The basic law involved in this is "law of conservation of energy" which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but one form of energy is converted to another from.

Energy flow representation:

Fuels (petrol or diesel) > engine (chemical to mechanical energy) > vehicle movement (by moving the atmosphere air in front) > surrounding air (flows with high speed) > turbines > generator > battery > low power consuming high emitting lights (LED's) on highways.

Basic requirements:

1) Designing high efficient aerodynamic turbine & generator (non-corrosive) which can produce maximum energy using minimum flow of air over turbines with low cost of material and manufacturing process deployed.

2) Installing and positioning of generator on the dividers which can withstands very high flow of air.

3) Providing cover case for both turbines and generators to overcome the destruction in turbine rotation caused by birds, rains and other man made pollutant.

4) Providing air stream path for perfect flow of air on turbines (if required).

5) Designing of efficient long lasting rechargeable battery for storing the power generated and utilizing it whenever required.


*No need of external fuel energy source as in thermal power plants to provide the electricity for street lights or lighting required on highways roads at nights.

*Large amount of power generation without polluting atmosphere (Free of cost as, it is wind energy).

*Power generated can be used for various purposes on highways and roads.

*Highly efficient than wind turbine power generation as speed of air flow through turbine is high (large amount of air striking with high speed force and high velocity of rotating turbine increases efficiency, power generation).

*Being similar to wind energy power generation maintenance is easy as there is no need of placing big -big turbines on dividers as of wind turbines placed at hill stations.

*There are many other uses of this project by optimization of the components (making highly efficient) because a lengthy, clean, high-tech roads and fast moving vehicles lead to high power generation.

*This is 24/7 round the year power generation process irrespective of the seasons and type of weather on roads.

Note: The entire 3-D design of components needed, calculations, process of easy manufacturing, & prototype of this project is under progress.

The only thing required by each and every common man using present technology is to maintain a clean and green surroundings, roads and not polluting the environment by using Eco-friendly power generation rather than pollution causing power generation process as electrical power is the basic requirement in the present generation. Hence by which we can protect our atmosphere as well as our planet "Earth" and survive better with high comforts in future.



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