A method of generating electrical energy from wave energy using floating wave power system

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In recent years, it has been our interest to find an unconventional and renewable energy resources to replace the conventional ones. Wave energy is one of such unconventional resources from where we can have a huge a huge amount of energy. But extracting the energy from waves is not an easy task because of problems in designing a system which can withstand the very rough weather at sea as well as can produce a reasonable amount of energy or power from waves.

My floating wave power generating system works better in those conditions. It is a system that floats on sea like a ship and is anchored very well to the base of the sea so that it can withstand any weather condition and can act as a platform and as it installed in any sea or ocean along the coastal lines. It is productionable for 24hrs.
This can be done by two process.

1. In this method crests of waves having heights more than 2 feet are broken to get a huge amount of water to enter in to the system which out lets this water through a narrow channel where turbine is kept. The flow of this huge amount of water rotates the turbine and operates the generator to produce electricity. The system near the shore where it can float at the least level of sea during ebb-tide (Fig-1)

2. In this system, the sea water through tidal wave entries in to a numbers of channels positioning vertically, but can not be get out through these channels for there are valves in these channels that doesn’t allow the water to get out in these ways ( I,e, the channels work as inlet pipes only). Now the water is hold as a column of 3-5mtrs at the channels length and is let out through the other ends of the channels. From that container water is directed downwards to a turbine which is turn converts to electrical power. (Fig-2,3)

With these system wave guard can fitted to prevent the up-down motion of the floating system due to wave. Placed close to the unit bellow sea level,fitting with unit installation pillar.

Therefore these system can provide 24 hrs eco-friendly energy reliably. The system once installed requires only low and easy maintenance and cost.

As the conventional energy source can not be replanished in short run (as it takes million at years) and many other unconventional energy resources are not yet tapped efficiently, the market potentiality of this system is immense. The cost required to install this system is not very high and it can be easily manufactured.


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