Reducing paper usage (save trees) by using electronic touch display

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In these days we using tons of paper by destroying hundreds of trees. My idea is to save trees from producing paper by using electronic touch displays in all places where paper forms are highly used. This idea save the trees. Like RDO offices, banks and in many government and private sectors we use paper forms to fill out our details and records to do something (for requesting income tax certificate, opening account in bank etc..). Instead we can use electronic touch display system to choose what type of form they need and let them to fill out the details using virtual keyboard and attaching the documents of user by showing it in front of display (device capture it by front camera). By this, people don't need to use paper forms, this makes everything compact, easy and user friendly.

This idea avoids maintaining bulk of user records, instead everything will be saved in hard disks of that sectors. We can also avoid the pollution created by waste papers in streets. so we have much clean environment. This idea can applied in places where paper forms are used intensively. People sometimes stare at some columns of forms. But this display screen explains what each column is about so users don't need any help. This is one time installment, so cost less and there is no need to cut trees for paper.

For every forum there is a unique code. So if users want to show that forms to any other offices they can just say the unique number because every documents are connected to the internet. For example we apply for opening a bank account by typing all details by virtual keyboard and make attach necessary age proof, address proof document by showing in front of that device camera or use that unique code of document since everything is connected to internet. Then you go by the next day and can check whether your account is created or not. Then you can download the document by tapping phone near the device (NFC technology). The Respective officers can also remotely access all the documents submitted by uses and move according to the users documents.



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