An Indigenous Design of Swirl Flame LPG Commercial Cooking Burner

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In conventional burners, after initial mixing of gas and air in a mixing tube, the second stage mixing is arranged inside space of perforated burner head but high quality mixing is not possible in such process.

In newly designed burner, the main mixing tube is fitted with burner barrel tangentially at 30 degree inclination with the barrel horizontal axis so that, perfect homogeneous mixing of pre-flame mixture can be achieved due to swirling motion of mixture inside of barrel. For swirling motion of flame, residential time of flame in contact with cooking pot bottom is also increased.

Another problem with typical LPG commercial cooking burners using single venturi type mixing tube is that, as cross sectional area of venturi type mixing tube is remained same irrespective of gas discharge rate so, during slow rate of cooking when gas exit velocity from nozzle orifice is reduced, the flame becomes yellowish as rate of pressure drop inside of tube due to venturi effect is not adequate to draw sufficient air.

In new burner, a co-axially placed inner mixing tube is provided inside of main mixing tube which is made active during slow cooking to create comparatively higher rate of pressure drop inside of tube for which sufficient air is available even gas jet velocity is low and ideal blue flame combustion is thus achieved throughout the entire range of cooking.

Merits of the new burner are- 1. Approximately 22% LPG is saved in this newly designed LPG commercial cooking burner in compare with similar capacity conventional burners at same gas burning rate. 2. Ideal blue flame combustion even during slow cooking. 3. The burner not consists of perforated burner head so: frequent blockage of tiny gas exit ports due to carbon formation is eliminated.
4. No soot deposition during slow cooking due to elimination of yellowish flame.

The design is fit commercial cooking purpose. The same design can also be implemented as CNG / Biogas burner too.

Estimated total capital investment is INR 1Crore 83Lakh 45Thousand for producing 2500 burners per month. Net profit will be INR.87 thousand considering INR 2200 as ex-factory price Calculated B.E.P is 36.46%.

Market price of new burner will be INR 3500 which is almost equal to typical available product.

Main equipments for mass production are- drop forging, casting shop and CNC lathe.



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    Sankha Subhra
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    I am an serial Innovator.
    For this particular Innovation, inspiration is to save precious LPG fuel used for cooking purpose.
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