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So far a turbine is not designed with mechanical advantage. CHALASANI TURBINE is designed with mechanical advantage. CHALASANI TURBINE is a hollow cylinder completely closed and blades weld on its circumferential surface at equal interval between any two blades. CHALASANI TURBINE is designed with specific gravity 0.25. To instal this turbine a water holding system is designed. The turbine is fixed at the center of the system. Height of the system is radius of the turbine including the blades. The system is filled with water up to half the height of the system. At this level the downward force of the turbine due to gravity is equal to the upward force due to buoyancy. Below the turbine an arc shaped plate is fixed so that the turbine moves only in the arc shaped plate. As the specific gravity of the turbine is 0.25, the center of gravity is above the center of buoyancy. This state is known as unstable equilibrium in fluid mechanics. In this state the couple of center of gravity and center of buoyancy make a rotating couple if any disturbance is caused to the floating body. Pumps are installed at one end of the water holding system and water is sucked from that end and delivered at the other end thereby creating level difference on two sides of the turbine. Due to the level difference the turbine rotates.

For illustration the turbine dimensions are assumed as follows. Core diameter that is completely closed is 2 meters and blades of 24 Cm in vertical height are weld on the circumference of the turbine. This makes outer diameter of the turbine 2.48 meters. Length of the turbine is 1 meter. It turbine makes one complete revolution 1.6891 cubic meters of water crosses the turbine. Height of the water holding system is 1.24 meters. Initial water level in the system is 0.7 meters

We are lifting 1000 liters per second using axial flow propeller pumps.
Power consumed by the pumps is 1000*9.81*1.5=14.715 KW. Assuming an efficiency of 50% to the motor and pump the input would be 2.9.43 KW. velocity of water from delivery side would be 2 meters per second. The calculated kinetic energy of water would be 2 KW.
Output of the turbine would be the following.
Torque on the turbine = 1000*9,81*1 (radius)*2 (velocity)=19.620 Nm
revolutions per second would be 1000/1690= 0.59
angular velocity = 2 * 3.142 * 0.59 = 3.718 Rad/s
Power output of the turbine = torque * angular velocity = 72..95 KW
2000 liters per second to be lifted
input to the motor 58.86 KW
torque on the turbine 78,480 Nm
angular velocity = 7.433 Rad/sec
turbine output = 583.4 KW
4000 liters to be lifted
input to the motor = 105.72 KW
power output of turbine = 4.667 MW
We can design and generate near every human settlement. No global warming. Let us do away with thermal and nuclear power. Universities must repeat and publish results.


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