Pure Water

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Use fibers to "suck or transport" water from one container to another, to clean water from solids and some other substances faster and cheaper everywhere.

Thanks to the unique property of the water, the process will become in a obligatory technology to be adopted as logical and necessary.

Material - Superficial Tnsion

acetone - 23.70
benzene - 28.85
Carbon tetrachloride - 26.95
Ethyl acetate - 23.9
Ethyl alcohol - 22.75
Ethyl ether - 17.01
hexane - 18.43
methanol - 22.61
toluene - 28.5
water - 72.75

This can just be applied to filter any other substance or "blackwater (waste)" to improve time and handling of it.

The idea is to dispose a research to improve also the kind of filtering material, that won't mean that high cost vs. profit.

Instead of using filters that can get obstructed by sedimentation, the transfer process will allow permeability and a faster process.


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