Low Cost Portable Water Pump with Filter

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The idea is to provide an appropriate design that can be built with materials available in hardware stores anywhere in the world, using relatively simple tools, in rural environments and therefore can easily be copied by people in the developing world.

It is a piston pump that delivers such pressure that it can pump water to 40 meters. It is easy to build from simple PVC pipes, adapters and galvanized one-way valves available in any hardware store. It works by compressing water between two one-way valves and the water is forced up the piston tube and comes out from the handle to the filter. Water is then forced through a high efficiency carbon block filter where micro-pulverized carbon efficiently adsorbs chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and other harmful organic contaminants and pollutants. Carbon filters are by far the most common form in use because they are economical, proven to work and easy to maintain.

The key features of our systems are as follows:

- Produce sufficient quantities of clean water to meet daily needs.
- Effective for treating different water sources and quality levels.
- Low cost, accessible and affordable replacement units and parts.
- The piston pump mechanism is designed to produce high pressure.
- The filter is designed to be easy to clean, inexpensive and clog slowly.

Lack of access to safe water contributes significantly to disease and death resulting from infectious diarrhea and other debilitating illnesses. When poor families cannot afford adequate access to safe water, they buying water from cheaper sources that may have higher levels of contamination, or they may use less water, which could reduce their defenses against diseases. Household water technologies offer valuable treatment of drinking water.


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