Morphor WTB (Wind Turbine Blade)

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Thailand wind characteristic is unstable with minimum speed about 2 m/s and maximum speed about 5 m/s.

At high wind speed, wind turbine blade is sharp and thin. On the other hand, at low wind speed the blade is long and more area.

My design is to innovate the blade that can change its shape to create the most efficient windmill not only in low speed but also high speed.

Shape memory alloy (SMA) is alloy that remembers its original shape and that when deformed return to pre-deformed when heat or change temperature.

First we apply the property of SMA, sheet from SMA. At low wind speed ,the morphor wind turbine blade shape as a low speed formation. Then at the high wind speed ,by given an electric current to heat up. The blade will shape as high speed formation.

Second, we need a flap like airplane wing. At low wind speed we get flap down to increase area for produce more lift force. And at high wind speed the flap are kept on the blade.

If we produce a stable lift force that force rotate a stable RPM. Finally the stable RPM can generate a stable power.


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    Narongkorn Krajangsawasdi
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    My country have a problem about wind energy.
    Wind energy is green that i want to use it for my country.
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