A solar solution to the energy crisis in developing countries

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Developing countries are becoming major players in the world economy. But in almost all such nations, energy crisis threatens the inclusive development from this rapid economic growth. With limited energy, nations like India (where the urban contribution to the GDP is over 70%) cannot improve the power security and quality for its rural areas. By affecting services like education and health care, the crisis affects the overall human development and lead to a rise in poverty.

Sunverter is a power electronic device that can convert existing backup systems into an intelligent solar energy management system. Solar photovoltaic panels are connected to existing systems and the generated energy is stored in batteries while excess energy is utilized in the connected load.The batteries can also be charged from the utility power supply. The choice is made by its intelligent algorithm that predicts future scenarios from past trends.

Sunverter also supports a user interface software for smart devices that can be used for data monitoring and analysis.

Sunverter is retrofit to any 12 or 24V inverter up to2 kVA. Sunverter’s machine learning algorithm handles each environment on a case to case basis and avoids using energy from the metered electricity supply. This feature, coupled with its high efficiency charging technology, saves energy for the user.

The Sunverter micro-computer executes complex digital control algorithms based on machine learning for greater savings and reliability. But at the same time, it communicates with smart devices to make life more convenient. Sunverter controls the energy flow into the inverter avoiding idle wastage of energy. Sunverter has a real time clock and it does not allow the utility grid to charge the batteries during peak hours.

The seamless integration of solar photovoltaics with existing infrastructure was not possible. Present solar backup systems are designed to replace existing backup systems. This increase costs and creates electronic waste. A few alternatives available in the market require modifications that reduces their performance and manufacturer liability. Sunverter shifts the paradigm by introducing a plug and play process which require no modifications in the present system. It further innovates by its machine learning algorithm that predicts power cuts, cloudy days etc. and manipulates the conventional operation, making Sunverter more reliable and even more efficient.

Battery less grid tied solar systems are seldom viable in most developing countries due to various reasons. But clean and renewable solar energy usage reduce pollution. All the while, these countries are a huge market for backup systems. Sunverter provides these system owners a cost effective and easy transition to solarpower. Self-generation and peak time load shifting reduces the load on the utility companies and empower them to invest towards improving power security and reliability.

This product is designed to be mass manufactured on high speed manufacturing lines by electronic manufacturing services companies within a short time frame. The product is supplied with the necessary tools for installation and monitoring and can be installed by the end user.


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