Air furniture system

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The AIR furniture system represents a breakthrough in furniture design by achieving several important goals.
1-Utilize recycled PET bottle wastes contributing to a greener environment
2-Utilize 3d printing technology, allowing production anywhere without the need of centralized manufacturing facilities
3-Manufacturing furniture whose weight is less than 10% of conventional ones, rendering them manually easily movable
.4-Break the cost barrier, making them affordable to low income people since their production cost should range from 2 to 4 $ for the most complicated single furniture. If we can purchase an entire set of furniture for less than 40 dollars, we will initiate a revolution that may affect many other products that could completely change if the design attitude and mentality can be considered "out of the box" as in this proposal.

The totality of our products needs to be reconsidered and redesigned, not only with the new technologies but also with the essentiality concept in mind.

3d printing, nanotech, environmental concerns, cost affordability and global diffusion are only some of the new parameters that should be considered while designing a new product.. The old karma "form follows function" is obsolete.


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