mEch ur City

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An idea has the potential to change the world. The new budding ideas need to be nurtured and carried efficiently to create a world of our thinking and so is my dream.

“OMG ! I have created an ample amount of electrical energy to run my bulbs, mixer grinder and the other electrical equipment at my home and that is all due to my daily works” Be it walking, running, jogging, sleeping, opening the door, driving the vehicle in the city.

Do not feel worried by or the quote above, my idea will explain how is it possible.

One of the most needed energy in today's era is ELECTRICAL ENERGY. In our society several possible means and methods have been opted to pave the way .Contributing to an E environment, I have an idea of developing an E city /township in which every possible means of mechanical work results in electricity. The jogging path, city roads are made with the tiles that are specifically designed so that mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

The doors of the rooms in the houses are jammed with the bolts specifically designed comprising of a tapered manner spring connected to the generator that even produces electricity. Even the speed breakers are specifically designed that contribute in the same.

All the above amenities possibly create the amount of electrical energy for the useful daily work thus contributing in the E-Environment.


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