Portable Tracking Solar Generator

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The Portable Tracking Solar Generator is a sustainable energy innovation dependant on a computerized tracking solar cell array. It would benefit third world countries that do not have access to dependable electrical producing systems or the power grid.

This system design is meant to be a unit with a small footprint, be portable, dependable and be of benefit to small villages and domiciles. It is a sustainable energy technology that benefits the user with needed electrical energy at relatively very little cost, the unit itself being the primary expense.

Once set up the solar generator will produce power for basic life needs and is designed to be a self-contained system for ease of use and reliability. The solar adaption of the basic electrical generator is suitable for Third World countries in Africa, South America and countries that have abundant solar energy but because of the factors of poverty, remote location from power grids or similar considerations do not have basic and adequate electricity. The unit is designed to produce electrical energy for immediate use as well as for storage and backup. A battery storage system would insure needed electricity for future needs.

The all inclusive unit consists of a base on roller balls suitable for easy movement.

A center ball and socket configuration that is controlled by an onboard computer allowing the top part of the unit freedom to track the movement of the sun. The solar array disk is tiltable for maximum solar energy absorption.


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