Green Cruzer

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Solar Powered Electric Recumbent Trike

Imagine a ride in which all you want to do is enjoy, relax, detached from all distractions and without any worries regarding refuelling stations, fuel costs and even contribute in protecting the environment. This dream has been made into reality by a group of engineering students from Don Bosco Institute Of Technology, Kurla, Mumbai.

This group, comprised of 4 members - Joanna Joy, Thomas Tom [Team Leader], Thomas Chacko, and Shruti Lokanathan - have developed a Trike named ‘Green Cruzer’ which is not only easy on the eyes but also to ride and developed on a modest budget.

The solar powered trike has 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel to which the motor is attached which powers the vehicle. The 500W motor can be charged either from solar energy or by connecting to an external power supply and can carry a load up to 300kg.

This single seater vehicle can attain speeds of 40kmph and can cover a distance of around 50km on a single charge. During daytime, it automatically recharges itself from the sun’s energy even while driving, thus avoiding the need of constant refuelling.

It is believed to be the first solar powered trike in India.

The different features of this trike which sets itself apart from other vehicles are –
• Eco friendly
• Extremely Cheap
• Almost unlimited parking space in a time and age where there are constant squabbles for parking space and parking cost
• It can be considered as a hybrid of a bicycle and an automobile as it feels and looks premium, futuristic and sophisticated, but at the same time costs less than 1/10th the price of an automobile
• Can also be used by the handicapped people
• Sit in a relaxed position while driving
• Derives its energy from the cleanest, cheapest and unlimited source of energy- The Sun.
• No need of a driving license or experience to ride this
• Can also be used by the handicapped people
• Extremely safe and suitable for all ages
• Lightweight
• Even if you do run out of energy while travelling, no need to worry as you can always pedal your way back home due to the pedaling system which has been incorporated in the Trike


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