Soap Salvager

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The Problem:

When people get down to the last stub of soap it is discarded. This can result in wasted matierials and in turn a loss of money for the person throwing it away. Imagine if you stacked up all of the unused soap stubs from just one year! The energy put in to making them has all gone to waste becasue they are now floating down to waste water treatment plants or getting shipped to a landfill.

The Solution:

Our product is a device that will melt down soap at a temperature of 255 degrees Celcius because most soaps will melt at that tempature. The Soap Salvager has a solar panel that collects energy from the sun and stores it. The machine displays the amount of power it has and when it reaches full power it is ready to use. It has styrofoam covering the metal parts as to protect the user from the heat and make sure that a fire isn't started. The soap stubs are put in to the tube at the top of the machine. When the user sees through the window in the side that the stubs have filled it up, they press the melt button. The soap is then melted for ten minutes and then it cools. Instructions will be provided for the consumer so that they know how long to wait before claiming their new bar of soap!


This product could be marketed in many different ways. One of them would be to advertise it as a way to make bueatiful and multicolored soaps. Another way would be to advertise it with accessories, like dye that you can add, to make the soaps look cooler. Finally, you coul market it as a money saver because it saves you from having to buy soap!


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