SkyChickenHouse, SkyPiggyHouse and SkyFishHouse

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There is high demand for food on the Planet.

We need to produce a lot of grains and meat for the developing countries. Usually the ground in such countries is poor or there are deep forests everywhere.

To solve the task we can use the SkyChickenHouse, SkyPiggyHouse or SkyFishHouse. The idea is simple enough: if we can live in skyscrapers why won't our pets do the same

Today one of the biggest problems is the place for the chicken farms and the grains that the chickens eat while growing. We can build the SkyChickenHouse that will use the Sun Collectors on all of its height. The main thing is we can place as many chickens as we need in such houses and the second thing is we can get the grains that grow in the same place

With such a way we will produce the organic grains and the chicken, ducks, pigs and fish in the same house.

Below there is some economics of the project.

The building of such farms will cost to the developer less than 30 mln USD.

It is possible to have the 2000 total birds per 100m2 ( ~1 USD per bird ). We can grow 15 pigs on the same 100m2 (~200-400 USD per pig). As you can see if we have the building of the total 200 000m2 ( it is just the house of the 20 floors 100m*100m ) we can produce not less than 4,000,000 chickens ( ~4 000 000 USD ) or 30,000 pigs ( ~6 000,000 USD ).

The main thing is that we can grow the grains in the same building and the animals will have the better places with more light, green grass and the squares

We can easily place such farms everywhere.

All of this actions can solve the demand for food and will save the forests in the developing countries.

Some of the ideas covered by the open licenses.

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