Vertical Axis Windmill

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Vertical Axis Windmill

Vertical axis windmill with a unique design and a unique control mechanism

This design is very scalable from medium to large sizes.  It has low maintenance costs because it can be serviced from the ground. Doesn't require a complex or hi maintenance braking system. Can be converted from drag to lift air foil designs. Low rotational speeds are less stressful on equipment and doesn't require hi tech or hi strength materials. It is self starting unlike other designs.

Low rotational speeds and rotor angle make it visible to birds to minimize bird strikes. Works in low wind speeds and is easy to brake in hi wind situations. Braking is accomplished by swinging the wind vane 90 degrees.

It is easily reversible by reversing the weather vane. Rotational speed is easily controllable changing the angle of the control mechanism. It is easily changed to a horizontal configuration and could be used for generating power in rivers or streams and would be gentler on fish and their habitat.



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    Charles Napier
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I like to design mechanisms and I am interested in wind power.
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