plant food controller

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The fruit and vegetables are our main source of sustenance. Not all the contents of these
starches are necessary. Like people with kidney problems must not take sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. but only few foods supports them. So, in order to suppress the nonsupporting nutrients there must be regulation at the fruit or vegetable formation level itself. The main thing to be noted is we are just limiting unwanted minerals but not inhibiting the additional nutrients into the foods not making anything hazardous.The water and minerals necessary for the fruit/vegetable growth are supplied by xylem and phloem.The minerals from soil and roots,water,nutrients,starch obtained during photosynthesis etc. are transmitted through them. A bio chip is pierced at root and stem. The bio chip analyses the predefined unwanted nutrients content like potassium, sugars etc and separate them before they dissolve in water for transportation.The bio chip is just a chemical analyzer of a few compounds. Since all separation is done in primary stages of transportation nothing effects other minerals. The separation is done at roots itself and the starch from leaves due to photosynthesis is managed at phloem their controlling techniques is under research.


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