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AmWisp offers instant, self-powered communications infrastructure and business continuity planning for any situation. It can be used to access High Speed Internet almost anywhere in the world, including areas without existing infrastructure. It can also be used for security systems and HD broadcasting, including camera hosting in remote locations where structured cable for data and power is too costly or inaccessible.
AmWisp has partnered with a world-renowned, U.S. military prime contractor to manufacture and streamline production of our device. Our manufacturer will provide full support on all data agreements and offer direct support for each unit.

AmWisp is portable, instant, self-sustaining communications. It truly is Internet everywhere. It can be powered by renewable, self-sustaining, green energy sources. It has the ability to connect everyone on earth, functioning with all WAN Internet services. It is also patented and trademarked under the USPTO.

Who better to raise an infant than its parents? The idea of AmWisp was born from the mind of a genius, and the company has been developed by a group of people who are dedicated to helping people. This is our mission, and we will strive to better the lives of the entire world; from offering a communication link between doctors and sick children in third world countries, to providing immediate communications to disaster area victims… and a thousand situations in between. We are the best people to handle this project, because we care about the people we will help.

We are making the World a Better Place

What if life saving communications could be easily set up and established in disaster areas? ??

What if doctors could continuously monitor and control life-sustaining equipment to patients in remote locations or on transport vehicles? ??

What if military personnel had instant, high definition, secured-communication under any condition? ??

Providing High Speed internet,? video and voice communication to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Communication everywhere.

We can offer data speeds of 100mbps+ almost anywhere on the earth right now!

Interested?...Please see our youtube video .



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