24-7 Concentrated Solar Energy Supply To The Solar Power Plant On Earth From Space

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Due to exhausting fossil fuels and other non renewable energy sources, we have to switch to renewable energy sources and completely depend on it in the near future.

One of the best renewable energy source known to us is solar energy compared to other renewable sources. But then also it has some demerits like the solar energy that enters the Earth's atmosphere reduces to about 40 to 50 percent of the initial energy content in space when it reaches the Earth's surface. Another demerit is solar energy is available only in daylight.

So, to solve this problem I thought of concentrating solar energy in space itself where the concentrating panels are orbiting the Earth and beaming down high energy concentrated solar energy to the solar plant on Earth's surface 24-7, in the same manner as GPS (global positioning system) works. This high energy concentrated solar energy can be used to make super-heated steam to run turbines and produce electricity.

I think the initial investment will be high but we have to implement this in the present scenario of exhausting fuels and high demands of energy.

It can be also used as a weapon by beaming down highly concentrated solar energy on terrorists or enemy bases on the Earth's surface. which can burn these bases and destroy them.


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    A Probin Singha
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    I have boarded airplane only 2 times in my life due to fear and i found no way to escape in case of a crash landing and also i live in northeast India which is high risk earthquake zone where building can collapse easily. I cant see people dying a horrific death so i though of an idea to solve the problem. For the solar idea i am inspired by future needs of renewable energy sources, GPS, to decrease the increasing pollution of earth.
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