Sustainable Generator Tiles to reduce Business Municipal Electricity costs

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These mini-generator creates electricity by the proven method of magnetic induction. It also has a back up solar component that sustains the electric output. In NYC alone there are trillions of tons of force waiting to be converted into electricity daily!

All parts are insulated from weather and the magnetic field is arranged and shielded from outside influence. It's been adjusted from 2010 original design to operate indoors as well. It's now flatter and connects to a building's electricity supply. The first picture indicates how every mini-generator will be arranged topographically capture maximum pressure.

The second picture displays a close up of the tile which holds several turns of coil, a specialized battery and a customized circuit. This circuit design helps the maximize the electricity generated.

Lastly, from stationary to dynamic locations, this tile can be put to use while minifying the modifications to the attached structures.

When fund raising is complete, I hope to create specialized prototypes of this tile for offices, schools, parks, railway, and traffic intersections.


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