Black Pearl and the Peregrine...

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As mentioned in the title, the Black Pearl is obviously an iron ferrite coated monster that is not as fast as the SR71 or won't fly as high, but it has a host of latest generation of smart weapons, munitions, and bombs... An array of ultra advanced sensors coupled with almost 10000 rounds of cannon ammo and 8 missiles and 4 laser guided bombs, most fighters can't even take off... This is a long range interceptor / awac systems and logistic support platform... The Peregrine is the other side of the coin, short to medium range capability, carrier launched, provides an excellent dog fight platform also fixed with radar guided gatling guns that track missiles and protect the plane with a wall of bullets... Completely angled and stealth, both these planes cannot be detected ausing the existing technology... Advanced exhaust gas management for both planes reduces infrared signatures significantly making it less susceptible (not completely) to the heat seeking missiles... Advanced avionics helps make both these platforms manned or unmanned depending on the requirement of the mission by just an over head crane and some simple tools and plugging on a
Computer controlled wireless unit... I have just a few drawings of it... Rest needs to be developed...


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    Rohith Iyyattil
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    Maxim Jerald, Rohith Iyyattil, Vishnu Unnikrishnan.
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    The concept of see but not be seen, stealth, deception and blending into the otherwise featureless surrounding during a flight of a fighter jet is the main reason why I want to develop such designs...
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