I started this project by selecting a common environment for restricting the "sustainability" theme, and be able to focus the home wasting issue.

So then I've done long research in food over-wasting issue in home, and I analyzed this problem in four categories, which were "sale," "conservation," "preparation," and "consumption."
These four categories were chosen because they represent a part of the food life cycle in which people are closely related to. What this research has pulled out is a key aspect that is common to all four analyzed points:

Because of this question, I chose the fridge for its status of most used system for food conservation that is electrically powered ...

For over 35 years I have proposed the following "Free Lunch" solution to Climate Change and global warming to US and international "Movers and Shakers" without obtaining any responses or rebuttals. This approach involves building a solar power station on the moon and beaming 20 trillion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity to earth 24/7, using the proven technology of microwave power beaming, which passes through cloud cover. This is fully described in my website: http://www.freelunchclimatechangesolution.com DETAIL DESCRIPTION.

This can be achieved with no increase in US taxes, increases in unemployment, or changes in life styles because it can be funded by simply diverting already allocated funds for weapon systems useless in the "War on Terror" to this project.. ...

Since 1908 Rope Ways played an important role in the field of transportation. It is very convenient mode of transport especially in hilly area. Less foot prints on ground, Eco-friendly (least deforestation), unaffected by city traffic makes it very suitable for even urban transportation. But there are some drawbacks like safety issues, and cost of infrastructure (heavy cables and tower).

As we know that “Rolling friction” depends on weight of specimen and rolling coefficient. So if somehow weight is lowered, friction will be reduced.

“Helium Cable Car” is concept rope way which uses buoyancy produced by helium gas filled balloon to reduce weight of rope way and hence reduce friction at rope and wheel system. Even buoyancy lightens the ...

There are major Accidents caused by human error and those are still
not preventable. Solution is the "Smart Car Communication System." It’s a “Computer Unit (CU)” which must be fitted in all vehicles. It mainly control Acceleration, Braking, Steering and Signals system of the car. It does activated on sensing risk factor.

Govt. must approve it after reasonable testing result and make it compulsory for all vehicle running on road.
New Car may have a Fully Controllable system means a control unit notify the driver plus take control instantly in case of no action taken. While Existing vehicles need to install "CU" on it that will calculate risk factor and notify driver for any risky moment. It ...

GrowLife Aquaponics (GLA) is striving to educate and enable consumers to re-imagine simple, organic, healthy food production at home. The GLA Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System is not just a sustainable means of food production, but a regenerative one.


Rising food prices (especially meat/organics), complications from processed foods (obesity/allergies), and questionable industry practices are problems faced by every consumer. Why aren't more people beginning to offset these compounding issues by producing their own safe and nutrient packed foods at home?

Well, besides simply a lack of time and basic knowledge in how to do so, it's hard work!

This system takes the majority of the time/energy out of gardening to solve these problems with simple, yet non-obvious, automated ...


This design is other technologies depend which StClaire is also responsible for. Other lubricant maybe be used.

Back in 2001, a 2 Stroke 49cc was treated with one of my product before its release in 2007,

It was first called "NanoLube" then renamed to "Nano-Oil" hence www.NanoLube.com & www.Nano-Oil.com

I lubricated with Nano-Oil

1- the Cylinder Wall

2- Piston + between its rings

3- CrankShaft lower Piston Tie

4- Upper Piston Tie

fuel oil mixture was extremely low 4000 to 1 Ratio 0.25 MilliLiter / cc = 0.008453506 ounces

The oil was as an insurance against premature failure.

I jokingly call this small amount of Oil "an Homeopathic dose" .

I monitored temperature rise & compared to a ...

The idea of the 2-floor car is based on the continuously increasing number of cars on the road and reduced available parking space. By being a compact car, it occupies considerably less space than a 4-passengers vehicle, with a building aproach that uses the airspace above. It also has curved solar panels to feed a battery connected to the electric motor, which increase surface area and the range of angles by which sunlight hits the surface; this same surface curvature increases aerodynamics of the prototype by reducing the car's drag through the air.

To my knowledge, this would be the first commercial car to use airspace to accommodate passengers, but also, to adapt a curved surface technology not only ...


The BMW ActiveCity is a small electric premium vehicle for the year 2025. Having the body shape of a compact 3 door hatchback, this vehicle offers private means of future transportation through crowded cities in an economical, refreshing, and fun way.


Cars of the next decade will also be 15~20 percent more lighter than the ones at current. While the main body frame is made of low cost carbon fiber for structural rigidity, the car's main shell, doors, and the rims are made of reinforced plastic called thermoplastic polymer. By 2025, plastics will be extensively used on small budget vehicles. Therefore, thanks to the new technology of the mass production of thermoplastic polymer, the ...

Electronic Toric Marker is a medical instrument used in the case of Glaucoma eye disease, which is primarily observed in millions of sugar patients. Toric Marker head places two small lines/dots across pupil for pre-op/intra-op reference marking for alignment purpose. The two lines should be aligned horizontally (0 and 180 degree plane) very accurately with an alignment error of the order of one degree. 1-Dimensional Toric Marker, which balances the marker dots in two directions left and right, is available in the market. I have designed 2-Dimensional Toric Marker, which balances the marker dots in four directions left, right, front, and back. Electronic Toric Marker reduces alignment error compared to non-electronic Toric Marker.

Each marker head is nearly sharp ...

3D Printing technology is expected to revolutionize each and every manufacturing industry within the next 2 decades. With this 3D Printer specializing in 3D printing of Braille characters on any kind of plastic packaging of common consumer products regardless the extent of existing surface curvature, our team is targeting an important necessity which is currently missing in the US and many other countries for the visually impaired members of the society. Under the supervision of Dr. Tanil Ozkan (TAMU-Mechanical Engineering, 3D Printing Innovation and Decentralized Manufacturing Laboratory) students and technologists participating in this project developed a dedicated 3D printer and formulated a specialized filament material with enhanced adhesion characteristics compatible with every kind of polymeric surface on the packaging ...

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