Pegasus High Endurance Aerial Vehicle

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Typical small scale UAVs, despite the wealth of applications to which they are suited, are unable to perform a variety of tasks due to their limited range, endurance, and payload capacity.

Our system, the PEGASUS high endurance aerial platform, is a radical departure from current small scale drone technology. It is capable of staying in the air for much longer than similarly sized drones, and can also carry far larger payloads. The platform, with its fixed wing and hovering capabilities, has the potential to expand the usability of drones in a wide array of new applications.

At its heart is the innovative, patent pending gas-electric powertrain that we have developed. By leveraging the unparalleled energy density of gas, we have designed a mechanically and electrically sophisticated replacement for batteries in small scale UAVs. The system is capable of acting as a drop in replacement for batteries, operating in such a way that it always meets the power demand from all of the aerial vehicle's systems. This is made possible by advanced rectification systems and power electronics that continuously manages the powertrain. Its configuration dramatically reduces vibrations, allowing it to operate without severely affecting on-board sensors and flight controllers.

Due to the nature of how the powertrain operates and its mechanical design, all mechanical complexity is confined to the power generation assembly. Consequently, it can be incorporated into the design of future UAVs (such as the Pegasus platform), or it can be implemented in existing drones and replace batteries. In both cases, it is an extremely inexpensive and lightweight method of drastically improving drone endurance and payload capability.

This powertrain means a new future for small scale drones; the new ability to carry larger payloads, more advanced sensors, better cameras, and keep them in the air for longer will be an asset in every industry. A drone’s ability to obtain more actionable information is one that can help a company leverage its resources more effectively. The Pegasus system not only accomplishes this, but it is easier and more cost effective to implement than a variety of more conventional methods.


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