Free Laser Power From Sun’s Energy

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1. Free energy in true sense to develop powerful laser beam.
2. It is envisioned that the laser beam generator is installed on satellite/ International space station etc in outer space.
3. No battery or conversion of suns light to electrical energy etc.
4. This is true sustainable, renewable energy source in outer sspace.
5. No power electronics and hence highly reliable.
6. Totally passive solution. No moving parts.
7. No dust or degradation of mirrors in outer space.
8. Laser requires a powerful light source-, which can be sun’s, light itself.
9. If monochromatic light is necessary, suitable filter could be used to select specific spectral colour light from the sun’s light.
10. Where the satellite is placed in outer space, necessary high level vacuum already exists freely!!!!!.
11. All one needs is a pair of mirrors that are used in making any laser system.
12. One could easily use very large mirrors to generate very high power laser, which may be almost impossible to generate.
13. Very little energy is needed to convert sun’s light into laser beam in the visible region.
14. Some energy may be necessary if the laser beam is required to be directed away from the original path. However, mechanical movement of mirrors could still achieve it.
15. Applications – can be plenty in space – for satellite-to-satellite communication, as a tool for repair by astronauts, and for unmentionable military use.


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