Encrypted Code Remote Wireless Weapon Disabling System

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American weapons sometimes fall into the hands of our enemies. Whether this is a jet, a tank, a howitzer, a truck, a Stinger missile, a TOW missile, a Javelin missile, a JDAM, a machine gun, a battlefield laser, a night vision system, or a bomb, etc., it is a terrible circumstance when our weapons are used against us or our allies.

By including a hidden and disguised wireless receiver integrated into the weapon’s electronics, a remote wireless fail safe encrypted signal can disable an individual weapon rendering it unusable. Such a signal must be unscanable. If a transceiver and a GPS system is embedded within the weapon, the weapon can be interrogated to communicate its GPS location and the location of the troops controlling it to us. Such receivers and transceivers are currently micro-miniaturized and are easily integrated into weapon electronics. Imagine a stripped down cell phone with no display, no screen, and no case embedded in a weapon. Such systems can include a covert camera. Call the weapon up with its individual address number and disable it with an encrypted code. Once a code is received, the weapon is disabled in many possible ways, such as turning off power to essential parts of the system, destroying them, or making the weapon malfunction by scrambling its data or sensor connections.

Rendering captured weapons useless would save lives.


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