Lockbox - Ruggedized Computing

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This design is a ruggedized, secure computer cube called Lockbox™. It is able to securely store data as a desktop All-in-One as well as act as a network attached storage on both LAN and its own Wi-Fi. The current working design of Lockbox is a 6 inch cube, but can be scaled down to as little as a 5 inch cube or built in a rack-able case. It is rucksack operational at 5 lbs. Lockbox is water proof making it able to be transported in any situation. The design of the internal structure cushions the electronics to any external load applied. Lockbox can be dropped from 30 stories, plugged into the dock and operate without a problem. Tests have been done that show the outside of the cube reaches over 1000G, but the electronics only experience a total of 10G in all axes. Lockbox’s user interface and software package was developed to prevent cyber intrusion. It has 10 layers of security: physical access lockout, hardware access controls, ROM-like change preventions, multi-tier credentials, host cloaking, an interactive portal mechanism, anti-hacker AI, file-specific access control, checksum fingerprinting and can employ encryption. The data on the cube is accessed through a hardware matched dock. The cube is simply placed on the dock and powered on. A user can also connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor through the USB ports and standard video ports.

Manufacturing the cube requires COTS that are easily sourced from multiple manufactures and basic machining. Average assembly line workers have been used to test the build time and complexity in a residential basement. It was found that it takes less than 1 hour of man time to build a single cube. The steps can be set up in an assembly line to quicken the build time and increase production numbers.

The market for this product is the military due to its ruggedness and security. But Lockbox can be expanded into the consumer market. When a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes, the Lockbox will survive and people can recover their data. They might prefer this option to storing all their personal information in the cloud which is not as secure as Lockbox platform.


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