Next Generation Special Transport & Theorems

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Theorem #1: Next Generation Specialized Transporter (NGST) is a Military Special Operations Transport (SOT), NASA Special Satellite Mechanics/Special Repair Team Transport (SMT/SRT), and Commercial Special Transport (ST) all weather all terrain nuclear energy powered engines self-regenerated fuels, retractable wheeled-ski landing airframe replaces refuel-able cars, trucks, buses, propeller-driven helicopters with winged and non-winged multi-purposeful ground to air to space dual missions with engine air-intake debris deflector Whisking Helixes-Whisking Helicoids with Wire Mesh System whisking incoming object/bird/animal aside-away from air intake port (defends-shields against engine failure debris downing airborne flight) cruising, hovering, vertical liftoff, tilt forward, or backward/straight upward-downward.

Theorem #2: SOT is a military use non-winged and winged, hovering elevated max. TBD, low level close ground support and air to ground support stealthy silhouette piloted and UAV methods dual roles transporters defensive, supportive and offensive assault with short vertical take-off and landing, moves forward any direction 360 degrees radius turning circling one same centralized spot, airborne close air to ground scanner Improvised Explosives Device locator support assistive reducing active duty foot soldier casualty lists. Heavy vehicles currently known becoming stuck in river basins eliminated, mud crossings, deep snow, unpaved roads, and in forested jungles bogging down bringing convoy to a halt/war stopper-delayed missions accomplished reduced or eliminated while phasing out rotary blade helicopters as parts-repairs now generated with associative helicopter costs now reduced and cancelled.

Theorem #3: SMT/SRT is a NASA multiple objectives airframe with significant mission launching Satellite Mechanics/Repairmen Transport (SMT/SRT) team to one centralized space location while satellites energy source being unlimited Nuclear self-Powering remotely guided by ground source UAV controls satellite maneuvering allows satellite traveling independently without secondary means to scheduled SMT/SRT team pre-positioned garaged upon arrival gliding onto landing pad establishes Glide-in-soft-touchdown landing in zero gravity now develops new training procedure gliding onto space-pad confirming upon first space station planning as I discussed in many college classes both Einstein and Newton correct as premise depends on each planet’s chemistry composition with different levels of minerals-gases-water gravity is defined also each planet gravity different making both men correct yet I asked why space shuttle docks to space station as in design-manufacturing phases U.S.-Russia-China astronauts space training unchanged as docking still a reality with 40+ years discussing space and gravity theorem testing two magnets positive attraction and negative repelling force magnets in space walks what results yield + and - magnetism attraction-repelling forces neutralized-magnets idle. My Theorem basics has it shuttle docking voided-meant cancelled before first shuttle lift-off shuttles zero gravity docking procedure delayed future training needed skills in glide-ability gliding onto space station landing pad as on earth’s runway unchanged step gliding onto space station pad soft impact touchdown landing too. Gliding onto space station landing Pad a major savings achieved with training time and in design-build new shuttles transports.

Theorem #4: ST is a commercial non-winged piloted and co-piloted leather seats luxury electronics minimum 12 passengers cargo area bay multiple sizes all different types-kinds of transports for commercial public transportation that eliminates vertical parking.


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