Gyroscopic Multi-movement Ducted Propellers For Aircraft

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This is a novel adjustable aircraft propeller assembly for multi-dimensional movement and is capable of vertical takeoff and which includes a fuselage without control surfaces. A duct is formed through each wing and a tilt rotor assembly is mounted within the duct for providing downward thrust causing lift. Two circular rings are placed within the duct where the tilt rotor is housed. The tilt rotor assembly is supported by a plurality support struts. Each propeller is mounted on the circular ring and engages with the rotor assembly. The present research uses same tilt rotor assembly to provide vertical takeoff, forward thrust along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft as well as yaw. The tilt rotor assembly includes a drive shaft and its engine.

The rotor assembly works on the Gyro-concept (i.e. independent orientation in 3 axes) and comprises only 1 rotor on each side of the fuselage. The rotors are designed in such a manner that they can provide all the three yawing, pitching and rolling control to the aircraft. The aircraft obtains the power for its flight from blade rotors engine. The same rotor assembly is used for the propulsion as well as for the vertical/short take-off and landing (VSTOL), no control surfaces are required for the maneuvering of the plane.



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    Gautam Parjapati
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    To remove the complex hydraulic mechanisms used in control surfaces of aircraft.
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