Power Module, The Electric Drive Powered Laser Beam

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Power Module, the electric drive powered laser beam is based on my patent - Fiber Photovoltaic Cell.

The module is built from multiple Fiber Photovoltaic Cells, arranged in parallel in the form of three-dimensional example cuboid. The dimensions of the module can be arbitrary and so 1m x 1m x 1m module size, radius powered lasers generates electric power approx. 300-500 MWe of energy efficiency to 85%, obviously with efficient cooling of the entire module.

Along with lasers, power supply, power module, it can be transmitted, modulated laser beam to a very efficient and resistant to interference and eavesdropping, the transmission of information to the vehicle, for example, a space rocket.

This type of drive with the use of energy in the form of laser radiation is very cheap, because we are here to apply renewable energy, solar energy and water, for example in the form of plasma that gives us energy recoil.
The cost of exaltation cargo space drops to a few - several dollars per kilogram.
This type of drive is also very safe.


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