Advanced Airplane Location Indicator

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This system is designed to solve the very problem of the still missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH-370, and few more recent incidents such as Air Asia lost its contacts a few days ago but fortunately its traces were found.

This system has a built-in satellite telephone system, from very reliable satellite system provider, Inmarsat, and this provider has global coverage. And their existing satellite phones are commercially available to the general public and these phones have SMS texting capabilities.

This system transmits aircraft flight data including aircraft GPS location as SMS text messages every ten seconds during normal flight, and every 3 second during an emergency, which ensures that up to the last ten seconds aircraft GPS location and flight data i.e. Airspeed, Vertical speed and altitude indication is always available and immediately accessible to authorized parties.

This system transmits the data collected by the data loggers as SMS text messages to Inmarsat satellite which will be received by their respective land stations message center for storage, which is already the standard procedure for all the other text messages.

In this system, aircraft flight data can be immediately accessed online and by text messages by authorized personnel, which will prove crucial in locating the aircraft, in the event of an aircraft disappearance such as the Malaysian Airline flight MH-370.

This system has a Power Switch and Power Supply Override system, which allows the system to function if in flight, even if the power switch to the unit is turned off, or even if the aircraft power supply to the unit is disconnected, The system’s built in chargeable lithium battery has the capacity to power the unit for several weeks if needed. This Power Switch and Power Supply override in this system, prevents what was reported to have happened in Flight MH-370,that the power switch was turned off on the Aircraft Transponder, which prevented this aircraft from transmitting identifying signal to the search team. That even if the power switch is turned off and/or the aircraft power supply is disconnected, this system will continue to transmit these crucial data.

In the event of an emergency, this system will immediately transmit aircraft data to the station through phone, instead of the regular text message. That is in case of emergency the flight data and aircraft location will be announced at the station in human voice per 3 sec.

By using this system even the location of aircraft can be easily predicted if in case the aircraft falls in water. By knowing the water properties and data just before touching the surface of water we can predict approximate location of water if in case message service fails in water. Still it is the most reliable way to locate the aircraft at present situation.

SMS text messaging is a very reliable system, and very cost effective. The amount of messaging will be very low in the airline industry. The search window will provide little area for searching.


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