Thermo Exhaust Generator

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The idea developed focuses on power production to help produce an efficient system that helps reduce operation costs and also is green at the same time. The ideas employs modules that follow a certain principle to help produce electricity from heat. The heat used is that produced at the exhaust of the jet-engine. The temperature at the exhaust of the engine is between 850 C - 900 C.

According to the Seebeck principle, electricity is produced when there is a temperature difference across the module. The Peltier principle is the opposite of the Seebeck principle, where a temperature difference is produced on electricity being passed through it. They follow the principles of Seebeck effect and Peltier effect in the system and thus help complete the system. The modules to produce electricity are placed in the exhaust nozzle where the heat required for the hot side is available. The cold side requires another set of the module to be placed on it. These modules follow the principle of Peltier effect.

The material used for the modules will be a patented complex oxide consisting of a rare earth element. This is because it is capable of withstanding the higher temperature of the high temperature at the exhaust of the engine against other commercially available materials that can be used for such modules. The material also proves to be a greener option as it is found to be eco-friendly.

The system would be good to use only when the flight has taken off and there is considerable amount of heat required to produce the temperature difference and thus the current. And so the addition of Phase-changing material is done to help produce the heat later when the engine is turned off and the temperature has dropped by a certain amount. Thus the system would work throughout the flight is functioning.

Depending on the kind of service and operation done by the airlines on those respective aircrafts the profits attained would differ.This is thus a complete system that would work throughout helping reduce the cost on the operation and the maintenance of the aircraft.



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    Lot of heat from the aircraft engine exhaust is released into atmosphere and it causes a major reason for noise pollution.So we a team of five , started a research to utilize this heat in a useful way and we developed this idea "THERMO EXHAUST GENERATOR"
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