Cooperating Security Robotic System

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The security system will be mobile and dynamic. Stationary cameras are obsolete for advance security. The system will be automated and manual if commanded. Robotic security system will consist of one ground bot(mother bot) and at least four airborne bots(child bot).

Mother bot is main processor, executes complex commands, master, computes data from child bots, and bridge to home networking.

Child bot is slave, it recons, small form factor, minimum sensory, one or two camera, and minimum processing power. Only relays information to master and accept coordination from mother bot. Essentially, wireless eyes of the mother bot.

The ground based robot will traverse on the earth using rotating limbs and wheels. Will be robust, impervious to shock, weather proof, tamper proof, and direct transmission to authorities. Will handle 3D mapping of secured location, local positioning of child bots. Travel recording of all bots including self in the system. Host and serving media, data, API, and networking bridge. Packed with sensors, maintenance free, charges with preliminary energies and has back up battery.

Airborne bots will have vision, short range proximity sensors, simple object avoidance process, and will have methods of transforming to become mini wind turbines. Post will have communication to mother bot and child bot. The post will be a landing pad for the airborne bots and have a intuitive junction point and coordinate the landing. After landing, position will be locked on a rotor. Post will move 90 degrees from parallel to ground to being perpendicular to ground. Post will serve as charging stations and surveillance. Airborne bots will also have means of collecting solar energy.

This robotic system will be a team that patrols and investigates secured premises 24/7.

Rented or bought for commercial or residential. A temporary security service, instead of a "rental cop" now they will be 'rental bots'


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