Plane Protection System

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We have seen various accidents in aviation industry due to which we lost many lives as well as money. This idea will be very useful in future, basically this idea consist of 3 parts:-

In this all the planes will connected to the satellite and satellite keeps watching all the planes, also the satellite show details like FLIGHT No, HEIGHT OF PLANE FROM GROUND AND DIRECTION OF PLANE of 5 planes which are near to each other and display the details to all the 5 planes to each other which are comes under the radii of 100 km. So that the pilot will aware of all those planes which are near to his plane also pilot can communicate with other planes as a result they will take necessary adjustment and avoid collision. By this technique pilot will not depend on ATC and height meter which is installed inside the cockpit and can easily aware of everything.

2-DIRECT TRANSFER OF CVR(Cockpit Voice Recorder )and VIDEO to ATC:-
Normally we search Black Box of plane after the crash and if the pane submerged in sea or ocean or somewhere else then we never came to know what was actually happen to that flight as happened with Malaysia MH370. So in order to avoid that incident here we are going to transfer the Cockpit voice and inside video of plane to ATC so that we will know everything of every flight on ground and will be easily prepared for every situation including HIJACKING or any other terrorist activity is easily avoided.

Most of the time situation like emergency landing arises due to failure of LANDING GEAR and failure of ENGINE and as a result plane crashes, so here we using a DUAL AIRBAG SYSTEM below the plane if landing gear fails or no suitable place for landing only water body or ocean is available for landing. In this system when the we have to land a plane in water then Airbags will blows up and we can easily land on water with the help of Airbags as a result this saves lives and money.

If we use this PLANE PROTECTION SYSTEM in the planes then the percentage of accidents is reduce also this saves money and most importantly lives of passengers


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