Fruit Grabber Drone

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My concept proposes the use of drones to grab fruit from trees. Drone flies up and park on the air near the fruit in such a manner that the fruit enters the mouth of the drone, then using a 360 degree razor blade it separates the fruit from the branch.

The fruits are collected in a net attached to the drone, once the drone reaches ground the net can be removed to get the fruits.

This concept was inspired by kids on roadside throwing stones on a mango tree to catch the falling mangoes.So I thought that there ought to be a better way of grabbing them and invented this.

This technology can be used as a commercial product or as a recreational toy for fun for hobby explorers.

Nowadays drones are capable of carrying load over 70 kg so carrying fruits less than 5kg won't be a problem, the rotor blades are well protected to avoid contact with branches. It has a primary and secondary air in take system.


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    Aadhithya Sujith
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