Flexible Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

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Aflex has been trying to introduce their patented externally convoluted, internally smooth bore hoses into the Aerospace sector for several years.

Flexibility and smoothbore: The PTFE liner is of a unique form with external convolutions to provide excellent flexibility, but a smoothbore to provide excellent flow and minimal pressure loss for a given size.

Aflex’s externally convoluted, internally smooth patented products main advantages.
• Better flexibility
• Improved flow rate
• Reduced weight
• Better effusion resistance
• Improved MWP/burst safety factors

By Way of example an application currently using a -16 typical compliant AS620 hose would achieve the same fluid transfer performance with an Aflex -12 equivalent. Using Aflex -12 product would yield a 48% reduction in weight, a 50% improvement in flexibility and 27% working pressure to burst improvement.

Safety and weight being critical design parameters for any Aerospace application. The additional flexibility would afford engineers greater flexibility when designing fluid transfer systems.


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