MJ's Ejection System For Commercial Airlines

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Now days hijacking and failure of the airlines are increased. As we can see them in recent events. But my system will definitely knock out the problems of such incidents. My system will save every living person in those flights who are in such disaster in middle of the air.

Working Principal of the proposed system is as follows....

1. Initiating a ejection sequel by pressing the button which would be in control panel of pilot and co-pilot.
2. Jet will be automatically reducing the altitude to the insisted altitude i.e. 15000 ft. and then automatically reserved solid fueled rockets will get fired.
3. In this stage, all passengers and crew will be locked to the chair with the seat belts containing the compressed air packets inside them for more protection. Once the locking is done, top of the fuselage will be blown into pieces by pre-mounted explosives.
4. Once the top get shattered, jet will be started to move forward with the other rocket, which will push it for the making a way for ejection in scrap pieces.
5. At this stage actual ejection will take place, that will be in sequential manner. Means ejection will start from and back row to the middle, or from left and right row to the middle one, whichever better. (It depends upon seating arrangement of plane.

Fail-safe in to the proposed system : (System will not work if...)

1. If the plane is not able to reach 15000 ft. (Manual override will be provided if necessary).
2.Seal belt of the specific passenger is not locked.
3. If some technical problem occurs in circuit.

How to overcome with the problem :

1. Manual overriding a system is a very good option in this manner.
2. Separate fuses to short in circuit in emergency failure.
3. Two control of the same system will be provided to the pilot and co-pilot.
4. Compressed air should be available for the seat belts of the passengers.
5. For maintaining altitude rockets will be helpful even if the engines are fail.

In what condition it can be used?

1. Hijacking of the plane.
2. If plane get trapped in storms or worst condition where failure of the other functions cause a big incident like recent with air Malaysia.

This is my proposal, Its a conceptual idea which can be implemented. Once the idea is selected, will explain all the things that how it will work properly.

Looking forward with this and some other innovative designs to get implemented in daily life, so people feel safe.

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