Flying Train

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Flying train is a very advanced version of advanced maglev Train. As we all know, maglev elevated train is one of the fastest trains in the world.
FLYING Train is which can be used in Interplanetary travel with lost cost without any rocket. It also can be used to country to country travel where airplane service is not good.
This concept is mixing of electrical ,aeronautics and mechanical engineering which going to lead future generations low cost space travel.

The effect of Flying Train:-
1. For travelling one country, continent to other in low time.
2. It can be used for our SPACE travel concept form ground to international space
3. It small scale it can be used in train travel in mountain region & others.
4. A lot of advance possibilities in future.
No metallic material allowed to board on train. Also mobile or other network available
So Flying Train is the future of our high speed technological development.


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    Sumit Suman
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    Catia, Solid works,Pro-e,& ANSYS
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    Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is my inspiration . This project/design is inspired by Real nature.
    "You become the captain of the problem,
    Defeat the problem & succeed."
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