Xtreme Green Rotary Engine To Supplant Lagacy Piston ICE's & Turbines - THE*FUTURE*OF*PROPULSION

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The exigent global energy shortage and air pollution problem is also affecting our prosperity. One way to address both of these issues is to make carbon-fuel-utilization more efficient.

NFTG is developing several extremely-robust, low-friction, highly-scalable & configurable, pure-rotary Positive-Displacement devices based in a very simple symmetric architecture which lack the drawbacks of other rotary and piston devices. Our devices can be used as a heat engines, compressors, pumps, expanders, torque multipliers, couplers, etc. capable of operating at any speed up to ?100,000rpm range in near vibration-less operation, enabling gas and steam turbine replacement.

Ducted-Blade-Rotary[DBR] is a novel rotary-vane device that incorporates rotary turbine and Positive-Displacement concepts into a single design. Generation-3 is on the drawing-board!

DBR characteristics & features as an internal-combustion-engine[DBRE]:
1. Simple symmetric architecture[simpler-than turbine]
2. Pure rotary motion[turbine-like]
3. Extremely robust[more-than turbine]
4. High speed & torque capable[all turbine-domains]
5. Positive Displacement device[+++2×turbine/Diesel_efficiency+++(military)]
6. Highly scalable[even_Ocean-Thermal-Energy-Conversion(OTEC)_scale]
7. Highly configurable for independent sitting/placing of components/modules

Resulting features & benefits:
A. Well balanced forces
B. Lowest parts count, specific friction/loading
C. Vibration-less operation
D. Quiet operation/exhaust[replaces jets/turbines/turbo-fan/turbo-
E. Low wall heat loss/exhaust temperature[ceramics+full_gas_expansion+WHR?
F. High reliability/lifespan
G. Lowest CAPEX/OPEX[1/10th_of_turbine/turbo-fan/turbo-prop]
H. Multi-cycle/fuel capability
I. Continuously variable displacement/stroke/compression capability
J. Highest_&_lowest operating pressure/temperature capability[BMEP>800psi]
K. Highest specific torque[>>>1000lb-ft/L] and power density[>>>10hp/lb]
capability[turbine domain] [planes/ships(military)]
L. Highest specific efficiency capability[2×Diesel/turbine][-->military, OTEC]
M. Lowest specific emissions[Near-Zero_NOX_capablility]
N. Highest turndown ratio[-->power-plant cycling,-->OTEC]
O. Reversible operation, compound engine capability
P. Thermal-expansion nullification capability
Q. Energy storage and shut-down capability
R. Versatile Devices-->universal application, simplified manufacture & servicing
S. +++Unique Applications[requires-->NDA]+++
Heretofore unattainable applications-->possible.

There are ways to increase the 30% fuel-conversion efficiency of legacy-engines thus reducing carbon-emissions.

Optimal architecture is key including:
I. utilization of waste-heat
II. higher operating temperature, compression/expansion ratio&part-load
III. choice of air-cycle
IV. reduced size & parts-count[i.e.higher specific-power for vehicle-lightweighting]

DBRE architectures can implement ALL these concepts.

Recently a National-Laboratory held a colloquium of brightest minds in the engine field to learn the state-of-the-art and what needs to be done to advances it.

They agreed with us that novel air cycles & advanced engine architectures BEYOND the slider crank of piston engines[i.e.inefficient/obsolete] are necessary to realize significant advances in efficiencies and reduction in emissions.

DBRE is capable of utilizing ALL air-cycles employing ultra-efficient high-compression ratios >>80:1 [NOT knock-limited. We love detonation!] including in our favorite cycles - Positive-Displacement Brayton and detonation, alone or in unison, - with FULL gas expansion.

Internal waste-heat-recovery[WHR & radiator-less] can be incorporated via cycle skipping with intermittent water, CO2 or other fluid injection for steam power[Rankine/ORC-cycle] especially with contact-less seals or seal-less applications that don’t require lubrication due to close tolerances in low-thermal-expansion ceramic engine 1/10th size of piston-engines[with/without expansion-nullifying concepts][See-->graphs/charts].

Double-acting drive-plates[synonyms-->pistons/vanes] results in improved/hybrid two-stroke-engine. Unidirectional movement of pistons and working fluids ELIMINATES the scavenging problem.

i. 1-compressor-module-->shuts down during low/no-demand

ii. 1-air/hydrostatic tank/accumulator-->uses energy storage during low/no-
demand or compressor-shut-down!!!-->quiet air-hybrid-vehicle operation

iii. 1-or-more ceramic power/expander module(s)-->1-or-more shut down during
low/no-demand[to lower throttling-losses!]

iv. Possibly w/electric-hybrid




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