Milner Flying Car

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Milner Motors AirCar Dare to Imagine the Future!
500 miles. 3 hours door-to-door. Anytime.

The AirCar is a completely self-contained four-door, four-seat advanced-composite road-able aircraft (flying car) with foldable main wing in the rear of the vehicle and a canard in the front. For trips up to 1,000 miles, this provides the fastest door-to-door travel times possible.

When airborne, the 28 ft wingspan, 3000 lb maximum weight airplane cruises at 200 MPH for up to 1000 miles, using one or two engines with propellers or ducted fans. In ground mode, the wings fold to 7 ft wide. A separate 40 HP engine powers the wheels at speeds up to 85 MPH.

People have dreamed about flying cars for a long time. The dream envisions being able to leave your home, drive to the nearest airport (5,000 airports exist in the U.S. within 20 miles of 98% of our population), takeoff and fly to your destination airport, then land and drive to your final destination.

The benefits and advantages:

-provides one-vehicle transportation from door to door,
-uses tried-and-proven technology, available anytime,
-uses existing roads and/or airports, no additional infrastructure required,
-needs no public subsidy, 5000 under-utilized airports already exist,
-uses your garage, no hangar rental fees,
-is less-expensive and more flexible than any other form of air transportation.

Milner AirCar Demonstrated Solutions:

1) light enough to fly yet strong enough to be crashworthy. Like Indianapolis-style race cars, optimum aerodynamic shape with a steel cage underneath the skin.
2) roomy enough for everyday use yet aerodynamic enough to fly at ~200 MPH. 54" front seat shoulder room and adequate rear seat space for two.
3) adequate constant airborne power (~300 hp) with ground power (~40 hp). A 40 hp engine powers wheels in road mode, and one or two engines with 300 hp power aircraft in air mode.
4) controls and instrumentation for normal control on ground and in air. In air mode displays required instruments and navigation on two display screens. In ground mode one panel is instrument panel and the other is screen for air conditioning, cruise control, etc. The steering wheel in road mode is used as control wheel in air mode.
5) carry ~150 sq ft of foldable wing area folds to meet highway standards. Safe in side winds. An efficient wing fold changes 28 ft wing into a 7 X 6 ft box, which contains engine nacelles and vertical stabilizers.
6) adjust weight on wheels so rear wheels lift about 90% in air mode and about 66% of weight in road mode. We rotate rear axle so wheels move 38” between road mode and air mode.

Next Steps

We have worked with an engineering company to create the initial prototypes of the Milner Motors AirCar. The initial prototype in a museum in Michigan. We are seeking an interested party to continue developing vehicle. We are willing to contribute project to the right partner. We are also ready to help fund some of the upcoming work.


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