ConVerti-Go (VTOL transition roadable aircraft concept)

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We are very happy to present our project named “CONVERTI-GO,” because it comes with a very noble thought and future view for India.
The main objective of this project is providing an easy, compact and affordable flying car especially for citizens of India and the world. This project, along with being less expensive is also advanced in technology.

1. Double Decker concept: The design is provided with two decks, upper deck is for pilot and co-pilot or family members. Lower deck is for other family members which can occupy two adults or three kids at a time.

2. Power plants: A Twin EDF motors are fitted on either side of the wing which is mounted over head of the vehicle and power is provided with the Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery.

3. Folding Wings: Design is aimed to be compact. Its wing can be retract backwards while on the ground and in the traffic.

4. Low speed high Lift wings, approximately 2.25 meter are used to provide supportive lift which increases efficiency of EDF motor as well as battery life.

5. Ground movement of vehicle is done by same steering as servo mechanism is fitted to control the direction of the vehicle on the road.

6. Panoramic View: A beautiful feature of design is uninterrupted panoramic view for both the decks to look outside while in air or on ground. The front section is made up of high density acrylic reinforced sheet.

7. Driving skills for this flying car will be nearly similar to conventional small cars only few additional training will required because on-board computers and electronics will manage the vehicles behaviour.

8. Easy accessible: it will have separate access for pilot/driver and family members.


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    Onkar Kulkarni
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    Auto BMS will help airlines and airport to efficiently manage baggage disruption problem. Airlines will not miss departures windows saving their time and money and hence increase in their customer trust level.
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    CATIA V5R18
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