Since 1908 Rope Ways played an important role in the field of transportation. It is very convenient mode of transport especially in hilly area. Less foot prints on ground, Eco-friendly (least deforestation), unaffected by city traffic makes it very suitable for even urban transportation.


This design is other technologies depend which StClaire is also responsible for. Other lubricant maybe be used.

Back in 2001, a 2 Stroke 49cc was treated with one of my product before its release in 2007,

It was first called "NanoLube" then renamed to "Nano-Oil" hence www.NanoLube.

The idea of the 2-floor car is based on the continuously increasing number of cars on the road and reduced available parking space. By being a compact car, it occupies considerably less space than a 4-passengers vehicle, with a building aproach that uses the airspace above.


The BMW ActiveCity is a small electric premium vehicle for the year 2025. Having the body shape of a compact 3 door hatchback, this vehicle offers private means of future transportation through crowded cities in an economical, refreshing, and fun way.

Early prototype model of 3D Tire Printing and Mounting Unit. With the ability of complicated 3-D Printed structures and light weight design, automotive tires will now be 3-D printed with specialized rubber compounds of carbon additives and mesh like forms.

In this world where traffic can get into your nerves and stress your life out from work to home,

My suggestion is based on my universal AC-DC electric motor. Using this engine on the electric vehicles, we can reduce weight and improve car aerodynamics. Connecting the engine to the wheels-you can get two traction (wheel and aero).

In recent years there has been a shortage in energy supply like fossil fuel and concerns about environmental issues. Considering only 10-16% of fuel energy burned by the engines is used to drive the vehicles,

The Armadillo-T is a four-wheel independent drive, all electric micro vehicle, with a maximum two seats with a four golf-bag of trunk space, specifically designed and optimized for short distance city or closed route travels.

Podcars or PRT has been proposed as a very convenient and fast transit system. With its small vehicles that go point to point on demand it has great merit. The small vehicles place less weight on the guideway system which reduces the installation cost.

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