Since 1908 Rope Ways played an important role in the field of transportation. It is very convenient mode of transport especially in hilly area. Less foot prints on ground, Eco-friendly (least deforestation), unaffected by city traffic makes it very suitable for even urban transportation. But there are some drawbacks like safety issues, and cost of infrastructure (heavy cables and tower).

As we know that “Rolling friction” depends on weight of specimen and rolling coefficient. So if somehow weight is lowered, friction will be reduced.

“Helium Cable Car” is concept rope way which uses buoyancy produced by helium gas filled balloon to reduce weight of rope way and hence reduce friction at rope and wheel system. Even buoyancy lightens the ...


This design is other technologies depend which StClaire is also responsible for. Other lubricant maybe be used.

Back in 2001, a 2 Stroke 49cc was treated with one of my product before its release in 2007,

It was first called "NanoLube" then renamed to "Nano-Oil" hence www.NanoLube.com & www.Nano-Oil.com

I lubricated with Nano-Oil

1- the Cylinder Wall

2- Piston + between its rings

3- CrankShaft lower Piston Tie

4- Upper Piston Tie

fuel oil mixture was extremely low 4000 to 1 Ratio 0.25 MilliLiter / cc = 0.008453506 ounces

The oil was as an insurance against premature failure.

I jokingly call this small amount of Oil "an Homeopathic dose" .

I monitored temperature rise & compared to a ...

The idea of the 2-floor car is based on the continuously increasing number of cars on the road and reduced available parking space. By being a compact car, it occupies considerably less space than a 4-passengers vehicle, with a building aproach that uses the airspace above. It also has curved solar panels to feed a battery connected to the electric motor, which increase surface area and the range of angles by which sunlight hits the surface; this same surface curvature increases aerodynamics of the prototype by reducing the car's drag through the air.

To my knowledge, this would be the first commercial car to use airspace to accommodate passengers, but also, to adapt a curved surface technology not only ...


The BMW ActiveCity is a small electric premium vehicle for the year 2025. Having the body shape of a compact 3 door hatchback, this vehicle offers private means of future transportation through crowded cities in an economical, refreshing, and fun way.


Cars of the next decade will also be 15~20 percent more lighter than the ones at current. While the main body frame is made of low cost carbon fiber for structural rigidity, the car's main shell, doors, and the rims are made of reinforced plastic called thermoplastic polymer. By 2025, plastics will be extensively used on small budget vehicles. Therefore, thanks to the new technology of the mass production of thermoplastic polymer, the ...

Early prototype model of 3D Tire Printing and Mounting Unit. With the ability of complicated 3-D Printed structures and light weight design, automotive tires will now be 3-D printed with specialized rubber compounds of carbon additives and mesh like forms. Casing of tire will exit end unit (3-D printer) and the first bead of the rim will be overridden with a soft flexible bead of tire. Second bead of tire will mount likewise. Post printing features will allow tires to shrink allowing beading and curing to occur in a short amount of time. Pressure from inner cylinder will allow force either by air or hydraulic fluid pressing the main piston out to release rubber material. Specialized circular designed print ...

In this world where traffic can get into your nerves and stress your life out from work to home, we decided to build a car which can be individually used to travel from your workspace to home with just one person in occupancy and their luggage to reduce traffic and also ease to travel around. Our main objective was to conceptually design and fabricate a 4 wheeled single seater micro car. We initially wanted to build a small car that would be suitable for a city like Bangalore to ease traffic congestion. The car we built has the shortest Wheelbase in the World, that is only 47 inches, which is 3 inches lesser than the world’s smallest car that ...

My suggestion is based on my universal AC-DC electric motor. Using this engine on the electric vehicles, we can reduce weight and improve car aerodynamics. Connecting the engine to the wheels-you can get two traction (wheel and aero). Also using this engine on the electric car can significantly improve its aerodynamics and passenger safety.

Engine particularities:
-Electric winding of the engine has a double role,
1.is carrying element of the propeller ( blades of propeller),
2.is element for generation revolving electro-magnetic field and rotation the propeller.

As wire windings and carrying element is used aluminum electro conductor. This (as well as used technolodies) allow to make electro propeller by ...

In recent years there has been a shortage in energy supply like fossil fuel and concerns about environmental issues. Considering only 10-16% of fuel energy burned by the engines is used to drive the vehicles, we developed an innovative energy harvesting absorber to regenerate electricity from vibrations in the suspension system usually wasted as heat in oil shock absorbers. The regenerative absorbers can be designed with the same size and shape to replace the conventional absorbers without changing structure of the conventional suspension system, which helps improve 2-4% fuel efficiency.

This electromagnetic energy-harvesting shock absorber is based on our unique concept of a mechanical motion rectifier (MMR). The MMR can directly convert irregular reciprocating oscillation vibrations into regular ...

The Armadillo-T is a four-wheel independent drive, all electric micro vehicle, with a maximum two seats with a four golf-bag of trunk space, specifically designed and optimized for short distance city or closed route travels. It endeavors to be the solution for the lack of parking spaces and road congestion, by simply folding itself in half and enabling self-parking with a smartphone-interfaced remote control.
In addition, it can provide a solution for the people with reduced mobility with a personalized public transportation by connecting different modes of public transportation or specific closed route applications of traveling or tour visiting, etc.

Key features of the Armadillo-T:

A. Foldable body
The design of “Armadillo-T” prototype is based on the ...

Podcars or PRT has been proposed as a very convenient and fast transit system. With its small vehicles that go point to point on demand it has great merit. The small vehicles place less weight on the guideway system which reduces the installation cost. Current computer and data communication technologies enable the advanced control required to make a podcar system work on a larger scale.

Unfortunately, the benefits of podcars for passengers don't fully align with the requirements of transit planners who are the prospective buyers of these systems. Transit planners focus their attention on corridors with large capacity requirements as they expect these to be the only places where it is possible to afford a better transit system ...

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