Diesel Powered Hammer - Slammer

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Diesel Powered Hammer - Slammer

This describes a hammer with two weighted portions (hammer head and reaction weight) that are separated by a diesel combustion chamber. There is a fuel filled handle with a central fuel line running from the handle to the combustion chamber such that the chamber is recharged with fuel after each blow. Air and exhaust are through an entry port (away from the handle) by way of a vent similar to that of a two stroke engine. The port opens when the weights are spaced apart and close as the weights come closer together.

As the hammer impacts the reaction weight moves towards the head compressing the air fuel mixture until compression ignition causes an explosion giving a second equal and opposite reaction force repelling the reaction weight and the hammer head in opposite directions. The result is a doubling of the hammer blow’s force for any given strike. The reaction force lifts the hammer in preparation for the next blow.



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