Detection Of Human Stress And Reduce The Vehicle Speed By Using Microcontroller Device

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This project is mainly focused to detect the human stress and to reduce the amount of road accidents, if a person in up normal condition. when a person get tensed or cardiac problem that person will go in up normal condition. Here, we had use three sensors namely heart beat sensor, sweating sensor and temperature sensor. when the heart beat rises to + or - 72 times/minute, and temperature rise to 35 to 40 degree and sweating takes place this three sensors get synchronize together. we had programmed to control this sensors and stored in a micro controller chip. At first, we are going to reduce the amount of Air-fuel enters into the combustion Chamber. so we had make a Separate butter fly valve and it will controlled by DC motor. when a person goes to up normal condition this three sensors will get get synchronize together and micro controller will activate the DC motor. so the butter fly valve get partially closed. so, the amount of air-fuel enters get reduced. secondly we disengage the clutch fully by using a electrically operated solenoid valve. so, there is no power transmission from engine to gear box. Then, by using another solenoid we had apply the brake. If we apply full brake the vehicle get skid and the controlling can be lose. so,50% of brake is apply first and then full brake will apply.The vehicle speed get reduced and get stopped. To avoid the collusion of rear vehicle or forward vehicle according to the steering rotation condition the Vehicle indicator get on. So, it makes awareness to the other vehicles. Finally the vehicle get parked and the message get conveyed to the numbers which had stored in Micro controller that the person is in up normal condition and we can save a life. This all process will take place with in 15 to 20 seconds.


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    Accidents for cardiac persons can be get controlled by using today's technology.
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