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The PramAlong is a device that is used to carry a pram on the outside of a vehicle so the internal seating and storage space in the vehicle can be utilised for storage and seating. Almost all families who have children own a pram. Almost all families have difficult storing their pram in their vehicle either because of how much space the pram takes up, or their car they have has limited storage.

Once the pram is in the vehicle storage compartment there is almost no room to store items i.e. shopping, language or pets and the majority of people find it difficult to lift their pram off the ground and put it in the vehicles boot.

Some people choose their car with the thought that they need to fit their pram inside it with everything else. This idea could change a family from having to choose a SUV to choosing the BMW sedan that they really want.

The PramAlong stores the pram on the outside rear of the vehicle attached the tow bar allowing all storage compartments in the vehicle to become free.

The PramAlong has a spring loaded ratchet hinge that counter balances the weight of the pram. So lifting the pram to its upright angle for travel only requires minimal effort that can be achieved by even a pregnant woman. The hinge can be adjusted to suit the weight of an individual’s pram.

The PramAlong in its up right storage position sits out of the way attached to the tow bar at the back of the vehicle. When you wish to store your pram on the PramAlong simply pull on the yellow handle and the spring loaded ratchet will release then the PramAlong will lower to the ground (under spring tension). If you were to let go of the handle, the ratchet will re-engage holding the PramAlong in that position. Once the PramAlongis lowered all the way to the ground you simply drive your pram onto the pram rest plate where you collapse your pram as per normal. Once the pram has collapsed the rear wheels of the pram will be closest to you and towards the outside of the pram. Clip the pram to the PramAlong and zip the optional weather proof cover. To raise the PramAlong to its vertical storage position simply pull on the yellow handle to release the spring loaded ratchet and raise up until it is in the vertical position. Maintain a 20 cm gap from the rear window of your vehicle to prevent contact.


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    Saul Wiseman
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    Having two children and watching my wife struggle with the pram while pregnant trying to fit it in and out of our car I thought there must be a device to assist mothers with their prams and also people who have smaller cars who's pram consumes the entire boot space.
    I Googled and couldn't find a single solution to this universal problem!
    So I set out researching, designing and building a PramAlong prototype to make life easier for the 10's of millions of mothers out there who struggle on a daily basis with their prams. With the PramAlong they will struggle no more.
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