Helmet Activated Key Holder

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A retractable key holder with spring action, the key can only be used if the user is wearing the helmet. The helmet has a pressure switch which activates the key holder. If the user removes the helmet after plugging in the key into the vehicle then an alarm goes off in the key-holder. Initially the key is inserted and configured into the key-holder by connecting the key-holder with a USB power source.

The key of the vehicle is inserted into the keyholder just like we insert a key into the keychain, after inserting and configuring the key. When the user presses the red button on the keyholder then the keyholder connects with the pressure switch sticker and if the pressure switch is activated meaning that a person is wearing the helmet then an electromagnetic hook from the keyholder is removed which will enable the user to pull the retractable spring action key out of the keyholder and attach it to the vehicle, If the the pressure switch is not activated meaning the user is not wearing the helmet then the electromagnetic hook will not be unlocked and hence the user won’t be able to get access to the vehicle key.
The pressure switch module is a sticker which can be stuck inside the helmet. When the user wears the helmet the pressure switch on the sticker will be pressed and activated this will send a bluetooth signal to the keyholder when the red button on the keyholder is pressed.

No Changes or modification is required in the existing vehicle.
It uses Bluetooth technology which is similar to the one found in ear hands free headsets and hence cheap.
It is universal and can be applied to any vehicle and helmet without electrical modifications.
It is compact and the keyholder can be carried easily in the pocket, additional functions like small LED flash light can be added in the keyholder to improve its functionality.

Will reduce the casualty due to two wheeler accidents as helmet is worn requiring no effort from the motorcycle manufacturers.

The Bluetooth technology which is used in the key holder is widely used in in hands free in ear headsets and are cheap.The electromagnetic hook functions on the principle of electromagnetism and is used in electric door locks and solenoid valves which also uses electromagnetism.The approximate costs for a device along with the Bluetooth sticker will be around $10 per vehicle.


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