Angular Side View Mirror Using Steering Mechanism

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We see a lot of accidents which occur due to irregular steering motion. Once a driver tries to enter a main highway from a by lane his vehicle would be in a angular motion and he will not be able to the see the vehicles behind him. In this project we have introduced a mechanism in which we connect the steering to the side view mirror, so when the steering wheel is moved the side mirror also tilts according to left or right.

There are 3 methods to connect the steering wheel to the side view mirror. They are connecting through rack and pinion mechanism. Other is connecting by belt drive to both the side mirrors, and other one is using sensors. The sensors measure the angle of tilt and using a servo motor it wilts the side mirror.

In the rack and pinion method 2 shafts have been brought towards the side mirror from the steering column and connected using links. By this project the blind spot area of the mirror is seen clearly. The driver has to not look behind or adjust the side mirror during the time of turn. A photo has been provided which shows the different angles of a side mirror and a rear mirror. When the vehicle enters the main highway from the by lane the driver gets only the view of the vehicles behind him which is not needed. The driver needs the view of the vehicles coming on the main road, so when he rotates his steering the side mirror also changes accordingly and the greater view of the vehicles behind him is produced. By this the driver can enter the road easily even during overtake this concept can be used to see the vehicles behind the driver. In this project I have connected sets of rack and pinion on the both sides of the main steering column and 2 shafts has been brought to the side mirror. The linkages of the side mirror is connected to the shaft so when the shaft rotates the side mirror also changes.

This concept can be done using servo controller or a servo motor. The servo controller measures the angle of rotation of the steering wheel and the servo motor tilts the mirror according to the rotation.


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