Rubber Pothole and Manhole Cover Filler

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Potholes and manhole covers are a huge annoyance for every driver. Potholes require a full crew, time and equipment to repair. Manhole covers often aren't in line with the pavement and can't be covered with blacktop in order to maintain serviceability.

According to the EPA, about 12 million tires are currently used in rubberized asphalt. California, Arizona and Florida are the largest users, but states in the northeast can benefit from this for the quick repair of potholes in the winter and manhole covers any time of the year.

Rubber can cure at cold temps with additives and therefore be used in the winter season instead of waiting until spring for the asphalt companies to get their equipment going. I can develop equipment that can be placed on a truck that melts down the recycled tire chips, then funnels it down a hose to allow a single government employee fill the hole. The additives added at the end of the hose in the winter months allow drivers to drive right over the fill in a few minutes.

Manhole covers that are covered, can have their rubber easily cut out for service when needed.


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