Over-The-Air Programming (OTA) Based Engine Management Updating System along with mutual data sharing with OEM's for vital performance monitoring

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Over-The-Air Programming (OTA) based engine management updating system along with mutual data sharing with OEM's for vital performance monitoring.

We are surrounded by technology and automobile is no exception. We have seen it evolving from a simple piece of means of transportation to a high tech state of art product. The main aim of this concept is to incorporate some concepts that are being used by smart phones in automobiles.

The first stage in achieving this transformation is to incorporate a robust OS in the automobiles, it can be some current one that is available in the market or manufacturer specific OS ( We can use good dependable tablets available in market which will also double up as an entertainment, navigation and information display device). This OS that will be integrated with the vehicle will be connected to all the sensors available in the vehicle and it will collect and manage logs for all the vital performance of the vehicles.

All the latest engines and power trains available nowadays come with an centralized Engine Management System (ECU). Automobile OEM's can send updates from time to time which will in turn update the ECU mapping via the OS leading to better performance figures without any inconvenience. Manufacturers can also offer different settings or performance packages which could be downloaded and updated as per the requirement of customers. Manufacturers can also tweak the engine based on the performance feedback received from the vehicle.

Another advantage of this mutual sharing of information will be that manufacturers will be completely in sync with the actual performance of their products. Manufacturers can notify when it’s time to change the oil or when its time to service the car along with the health of individual components of the engine. They can collect huge amount of actual real environment and real time data which can be used to develop more robust and fuel efficient cars. It will also double up as an emergency response system alerting appropriate authorities in case of breakdowns or accidents.

The pace at which automobile industry is evolving there is no doubt that the day will not be far when all the vehicles manufactured will be connected with the manufacturers real time. Not only that cars will also start communicating with each other sharing information like traffic conditions, weather conditions ahead along with SOS messages.


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    Inspired by the developments in smartphone market and the possibility of implementing some of it in the automotive sector.
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